// Football Freestylers

Ethan Altmann 
• one of the country’s most talented freestylers
Tom Budding 
• performs some of the most difficult tricks, specialises in lower body freestyling
Indi Cowie 
• top female freestyler
Daniel Cutting
• became a Guinness World Record Holder in 2011
Daniel Dennehy 
• placed in the top 8 freestylers in Europe in 2010
Patrick Edwards 
• talented freestyler
Abbas Farid 
• talented freestyler who has created hundreds of tricks
Tom Folan 
• hugely talented football freestyler
Craig Gorey 
• freestyler suitable for all different kinds of events
James Hacking 
• one of the best football choreographers in the UK
Brandon Hawksley 
• up and coming football freestyler
Andrew Henderson 
• one of the country’s most popular football freestylers
Michael Hindle 
• well respected freestyler
Paul Klein 
• well known football freestyler who has worked with names such as Nike and Pepsi
Connor McCarthy 
• founder of Learn2Freestyler, with a number of years experience in freestyling
Colin Nell 
• spotted by Nike executives in 2000, Colin has had an amazing career as a freestyler
Rowen Pegler 
• won the UK online playstion competition for his age group in 2009
Francis Vu 
• football freestyler who won the UK Pringles competition in 2007
John Whetton 
• one of the finest freestylers in the country