// Corporate After Dinner Speakers

Willie Allan
• PE teacher and after dinner speaker since 1992
John Altman
• ‘Nasty Nick’ in TV soap ‘Eastenders’
Karen Armstrong
• religious thinker who has written many books on faith and the major religions
Pamela Armstrong
• gives speeches, seminars and workshops on communication and motivation networking
Cheryl Baker
• former ‘Bucks Fizz’ singer and TV presenter
Susan Bookbinder
• TV and radio broadcaster who became the first woman to read the classified football results on national radio
Julia Hartley-Brewer
• former columnist and Assistant Editor on ‘The Sunday Express’
John Brolly
• Tony Blair double, has travelled all over the world as Tony Blair
Bruce Burgess
• Polygraph examiner, delivers fascinating talks on the highly misunderstood investigative tool ‘The Lie Detector’
Garry Bushell
• broadcaster
David Bryon
• former Managing Director of Bmibaby
Billy Byrne
• TV electrician
Simon Calder
• well known travel expert
John Campbell
• air traffic controller with many years of experience
Ed Chamberlin
• Sky Sports presenter
Marcus Cockerill
• GP and after dinner speaker who delivers talks based on the experiences of his long career in medicine
Bill Copeland
• Bill is a former lawyer who is a regular on the after dinner circuit
Stewart Coull
• retired teacher who worked with children with learning difficulties
Edwina Currie
• former MP and best selling novellist
Graham Davies
• a veteran on the after dinner circuit, Graham uses his experience as a barrister to make sure that his speeches are precisely suited to the occasion
Clarissa Dickson Wright
• celebrity chef & TV personality, one half of ‘The Two Fat Ladies’
Paul Durham
• recalls tales and anecdotes from his many years of service in mountain rescue
Frances Edmonds
• trained as an international conference interpreter
Colin Fairclough
• Salvation Army officer for more than 4 decades
Richard Felix
• spent more than 20 years as a record dealer in Derby Market Hall
Vanessa Feltz
• TV personality
Nick Ferrari
• played a major role in launching Sky News
John Field
• magician and after dinner speaker, John also knows and understands the needs of modern business
Michael Fish
• well known TV weatherman
Bruce Fummey
• teacher, trainer and independent financial adviser, Bruce is a well known after dinner speaker who entertains audiences throughout the country
Forbes Gauld
• professional speaker and sheep farmer
Bill Giles
• former BBC weatherman
Robbie Glen
• former prison governor
Jilly Goulden
• wine expert and TV presenter
Tony Green
• ‘Bullseye’ commentator
David Gunson
• former air traffic controller, David is now a sought after speaker who is regarded as one of the funniest in the UK
Christine Hamilton
• wife of the former Tory MP Neil Hamilton, TV personality and sought after speaker
David Hamilton
• TV & radio presenter
Judith Hann
• television presenter
Neil Hanson
• author of an acclaimed series of popular histories, also a ghost writer of more than 40 other books, broadcaster and journalist
Derek Hatton
• former leader of the Liverpool Labour Party, TV/radio presenter
Jonty Hearnden
• from TV’s ‘Cash in the Attic’
Peter Heims
• private investigator whose reputation extends outside of the UK
Ross Hemsworth
• veteran radio presenter
Penny Hughes
• business professional with expertise in international marketing
Helene Hunt
• former Bond girl, BBC trained reporter
Willie Hunter
• currently one of the senior partners of the Edinburgh legal firm Gillespie Macandrew, sought after speaker on the after dinner circuit
Ralph Jerram
• Ralph uses his experiences as Personnel Manager within the Police Force in London to give entertaining and humerous talks
Graham Jolley
• corporate speaker with astonishing mind reading abilities
Eric Jones
• former detective superintendent
Dr Kevin Jones
• a former member of the Heart-Lung transplant team at Papworth Hospital, Kevin has been on the after dinner circuit for many years
Graham Keal
• showbiz journalist with a great deal of experience in interviewing celebrities
Henry Kelly
• presenter
David Kendall
• former Barclays Bank manager who is now very popular on the after dinner circuit
John Kettley
• spent 30 years with the UK Meteorological Office
Paul Kidd
Tina Knight
• management consultant and trouble-shooter
Ian Lavender
• ‘Dad’s Army’ star
Mike Lewis
• has spoken at more than 2000 events, highly regarded on the after dinner speaking circuit
Maureen Lipman
• famous actress, writer and columnist
Graeme Lloyd
• offers a light hearted insight into the language used by football commentators, players, managers and fans
Malcolm Lord
• former sports commentator for the BBC
Matt Lorenzo
• presenter
John Lyons
• actor
Derek Martin
• actor
Michael Mason
Ian McCaskill
• meteorologist
Ken McCoy
• author and after dinner speaker
John McKelvie
• retired police officer and football referee
Graham Mitchell
• wine expert, writes about wine and runs courses
Chris Moon
• author
Ken Morley
• Reg Holdsworth in ‘Coronation Street’
Len Murray
• former solicitor, one of the country’s top after dinner speakers
Tiff Needell
• presenter of ’5th Gear’
Brian Newbold
• well known on the after dinner circuit as ‘The Man from the Coal Board’
Lembit Opik
• former MP, now a TV personality
Jonathan Palmer
• has had a unique and varied career – qualified doctor, helicopter pilot, motor racing champion and successful businessman
Ken Pandolfi
• former senior law enforcement officer who has held a number of posts
Les Peters
• has over 25 years experience as a writer both in Britain and the USA
Gervase Phinn
• former schools inspector
Bill Pirie
• former Chief Superintendent with Essex Police
Eve Pollard
• well known newspaper and magazine editor
Mike Reid
• well known radio broadcaster
Geoff Reiss
• author with a 30 year career on project and programme management
Steve Rider
• presenter
William Roache
• well known Coronation St actor
Jim Robertson
• keen golfer who has worked as a criminal defence solicitor
Jim Rosenthal
• sports presenter
Libby Purves
• was the youngest & first ever woman presenter of the ‘Today’ programme
Terry Ryan
• has 35 years experience in sales and marketing
Hans Sanders
• worked for many years as a police officer, has many funny stories to tell from his career
Les Scott
John Simonett
• former teacher who also played rugby for Gloucester
Diane Simpson
• handwriting expert and profiler
Oliver Skeete
• show jumper
Peter Slack
• hill farmer from the Peak District
Steve Smith
• solicitor, broadcaster and contributor to regional television
Ed Stewart
• presenter
Stuart Storey
• presenter
Sandy Strang
• award winning after dinner speaker
Stan Taylor
• Royal Navy veteran and top after dinner speaker
Sandy Toksvig
• TV personality and author
Polly Toynbee
• writer, journalist and author
John Welch
• full time professional after dinner speaker who will work to any brief
Ian White
• Managing Director of the Horizon Group of Companies in the UK, gives talks on business development and finance
Andy Williamson
Francis Wilson
• meteorologist
David Wolfe
• health and nutrition expert, author of many best selling books
Lynn Faulds Wood
• TV presenter
Alan Wright
• one of the most well known voices on BBC Radio, travel writer and columnist